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Bouquets of roses

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Madam Bombastic Spray Rose Bouquet
Height: 50 cm
Diameter: 50 cm
Specification: rose
Item ID: 0102-0019
2 125.00 UAH
In stock
The 'Cappuccino Roses' Mono bouquet
Height: 50 cm
Diameter: 45 cm
Specification: rose
Item ID: 0102-0013
2 565.00 UAH
The Bouquet of Red Princess Roses
Height: 60 cm
Diameter: 40 cm
Specification: rose
Item ID: 0102-0016
1 670.00 UAH
In stock
The Bouquet of Snow White Roses
Height: 50 cm
Diameter: 45 cm
Specification: rose
Item ID: 0102-0015
1 795.00 UAH
In stock
The Mono Bouquet of Ivory Roses
Height: 40 cm
Diameter: 35 cm
Specification: rose
Item ID: 0102-0014
1 815.00 UAH
In stock

Mono bouquets are the pinnacle of dreams of the minimalism admirers. What seems to be a simple solution – to combine fresh flowers that are similar to each other in one bouquet – actually has a huge number of fans. At the first glance, it is pretty easy to collect only one kind of flowers; however, accompanied by packaging that emphasizes their majesty, these flowers project simple but impressive beauty.

Beauty in Simplicity

A mono bouquet will look good with any number of flowers. If it is your choice to send flower bouquet in Ukraine, you can rest assured it will live much longer than other brothers. After all, caring for one type of flowers is much easier than providing several of them with equal support. Such luxury flower bouquets are able to prove the skill of our florists. You may wonder, after all, is it really difficult to assemble a mono bouquet? Behind the external simplicity lies a huge amount of work of the florist. Not every master at the beginning of his path will agree to embark on such an adventure. The employees at Bloom, however, are so experienced that they are able to do incredible flower bouquets in Kyiv at the highest level, even with their eyes closed! Yes, it's hard to believe, all you need to do for your doubts to disappear is to order flower bouquet delivery from us.

Mono bouquets on top of the world

Even though the history of mono bouquets began in Paris, in other countries there are many traditions associated with this kind of gifts. In Japan, chrysanthemums are considered imperial flowers, and one of the highest state awards is called the Order of the Chrysanthemum. Flower bouquet delivery shop Bloom can compose an incredible mono bouquet of chrysanthemums only for someone imperially important in your life! You are free to check the luxurious mono bouquets that are presented on the Bloom Flower Workshop website.

The Chinese consider the peony to be a sacred flower. They attribute magical and healing properties to it. Residents of China are sure that the peony drives away evil spirits and keeps well-being in the house. You are welcome to check our peonies for availability then please someone very special and send flower bouquet Ukraine.

The language so simple yet so romantic

When choosing among luxury flower bouquets, you should pay attention to the language of flowers. Perhaps now this tradition might seem outdated or unattained, but, despite such stereotypes, it is still appreciated by many. Since the key advantage of a mono bouquet is a homogeneous color scheme, the decoding of the bouquet will be unambiguous. For example, by ordering a pink tulips flower bouquet in Kiev, you can confess your sympathy and the development of feelings. A mono bouquet of white roses will express your admiration for the purity and innocence of the chosen one. Another advantage of mono bouquets is their practicality. Such a flower bouquet Kiev can even be sent to a man, congratulating him on an important achievement. By the way, it is a tradition to give a mono bouquet of dark purple tulips to men.

All in all, mono bouquet is a timeless classics that has won the love of every woman around the planet. Such flower bouquets Kyiv are never forgotten.