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Secret Key to Every Heart - luxury flower bouquets delivery in Kyiv

Signature flower bouquets are a universal instrument of expressing feelings. They appear as a result of painstaking work, which is performed in accordance to certain rules. Every detail is important in the design of such bouquet, including the selection of colors, their arrangement, and bouquet packaging. Everything comes first in a custom flower bouquet Kiev: the type of plants, their color and quantity depend on the occasion this bouquet is meant for.

In the eye of the beholder

It is of no wonder that the rules of different cultures frequently contradict each other. For example, in Ukraine, gift bouquets consist of only an odd number of flowers. As experts in the flowers bouquets delivery in Kyiv, we know this tradition by heart, for sure. In the USA, Canada and Western Europe, the number of flowers does not matter at all. In the East, in such countries as Indonesia, Japan and China, number four is avoided in every aspect of living, including the number of flowers in a bouquet. The crucial thing all those examples share, though, is that there is are no wrong ways to arrange a signature bouquet. You can order custom flower bouquet according to your own rules and preferences at our flower workshop as we remember, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Flower-patterned melody

Making a bouquet correctly is not an easy task. Although today the color of the bouquet and its shape are mostly chosen according to the taste and preference of the one who send luxury bouquet Kiev, nevertheless, in many cases the symbolism of the bouquet is also meant to retain one’s intentions and convey the specific message. For the correct composition of luxury flower bouquets delivery corresponding to a specific event or occasion, it is very important to take into account the combination of different types of flowers, their color, shape, symbolic meaning and quantity. Therefore, it is necessary to entrust bouquet organization to a real professional. Only a true master florist from our luxury flower bouquets delivery Bloom can hear music in every flower, and preserve the melody and poetry of every plant in a bouquet, revealing the perfection of every stem or petal. If you want to send luxury bouquet Kiev, you can be sure that the flowers will sound exactly the way you wanted!

Beyond Uniqueness

Custom bouquets are always expressive, they use unusual varieties of flowers, spectacular design and are assembled by experienced craftsmen. Of course, signature flower bouquets cannot stand in the window because they are always made for custom flower bouquet delivery. The forms of designer bouquets can also be very diverse, asymmetrical, chaotic, of immense size, or vice versa, very small and graceful. The master makes a signature bouquet on the day of delivery and, therefore, can afford to embody all his ideas and fantasies in a bouquet.

Our whole team is completely and irrevocably in love with these bouquets. Just look at them! The ideal shape and color, unique packaging and decor are captivating. Some people will not see such custom flower bouquet Kiev anywhere else, and many do not even know about their existence. These masterpieces can expand your realm of imagination as they can leave anyone speechless with their mere appearance. Flower Workshop Bloom was created for just such an effect. Our flowers bouquets delivery in Kyiv can definitely take a special place in your heart, as well as in the memories on a very, very important day.