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Potted plants

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Height: 10 cm
Diameter: 9 cm
Product information: haworthia plant
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Decorating Home with Potted Plants

You can amaze a person by giving them a gorgeous bouquet, but the impressions will not last long. Flowers, as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as they are, wither within days. A plant in a pot, however, remains lovely and fresh for years.

A Wonderful Gift

We offer potted plants decoration Kyiv that are prominent elements of interior or exterior design and natural air fresheners. The main advantage of such a gift is that it will not be hidden in a shelf or closet but will rather be placed on a very nice spot and project its lively beauty onto everything that surrounds it. Potted plants delivery will delight the owner for a long time and remind them of your caring touch.

You can give a “live bouquet” instead of the usual one for literally any reason. Let it be a traditional pot of lush-blooming bushes for a birthday, bright flowers for your favorite spring holidays, touching bulbs for Easter or unexpected accents for winter holidays, small surprises and family celebrations. Houseplants are chosen as a gift in the same way as an ordinary bouquet - taking into account your favorite colors, the symbolic meaning of plants and, if desired, even the influence of feng-shui or “energy”. The simplest advice always works: order potted plants Kiev and make the person you love smile.

A Wide Range of Ideas

If you have already decided that you can give flowers and potted plants delivery, start choosing your gift in advance. Among the potted plants, for example, there are ones that seem eternal ones - most often these are the decorative leafy plants. They are quite capable of withstanding a short overdrying or harsh temperature dynamics.

Blooming plants, instead, will require special care: they need to be supplied on time with fertilizers suitable for their type. In the spring they tend to form a bush, which needs to be transplanted into fresh soil. There are also capricious plants that require a certain level of humidity, temperature and soil composition, otherwise they will not bloom, and will wither constantly.

Nevertheless, we attach a small instruction on how to take care of a certain indoor plant once we receive an order to deliver one. All worries aside, such caring is by no means difficult, the meditative effect of such actions as watering and supplying with fertilizers will only bring joy to the recipient!

Potted Plants Rooted Deep

The fashion of giving flowers and potted plants delivery came from the West and took root immediately. It is considered a tradition to present potted plants with half-open buds of delicate colors to young girls and more intense colors that have already fully opened – to adult women. It is believed that if a person is presented with potted plants decoration Kyiv (especially when there are several of them), they receive strong talismans. At the same time, they protect both the person and the house they inhabit from damage.

In general, such a present has only wonderful sides and impressive pros. There are negative signs associated with indoor plants, but there are also positive ones. In addition, many indoor flowers have a positive effect on the owner and the overall atmosphere in the room. Therefore, if a person does not mind, feel free to order potted plants Kiev and treat them with a meaningful and heart-warming gift.