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What payment options do you offer?
You can pay for your order online using a credit card or a bank transfer. In case if you want to visit our shop and collect your bouquet there you may also pay with cash. Just contact our support team and we will recommend the most convenient option for you.
Is advance payment required?
If you select courier service as a delivery option on the order form you will need to make an advance payment. If the client and recipient is the same person you can make a 50% upfront payment. The rest can be paid when we deliver flowers to your address. If you want to pick up your bouquet in store, you can also make a cash payment there. No upfront payment is required in this case.
Can I cancel my paid order?
Paid orders are assembled on delivery date. If you want to cancel your order one or more days prior to delivery date, we will process a full money refund. If the order is cancelled on delivery date, advance payment will not be refunded in case your bouquet has already been prepared. If you want to cancel an order, please contact us in advance.
Will you deliver my order if there is a payment problem?
We sometimes may experience delays in receiving your payment (e.g. a bank transfer that was made in the evening, payment processing errors or declined payments). We can still deliver your order if you provide us with a receipt or a screenshot confirming that the payment was made. However, our support representatives consider each case separately. If additional information is required, we may change delivery time until your payment is cleared.
What are the business hours of your delivery service?
Our delivery service is available in Kyiv Monday to Sunday. Our regular business hours are 09.00 to 20:00. Our delivery hours are the same during holiday time. At the moment all flowers and presents can only be shipped the following day the order is created and confirmed by our sales team.
Can you deliver flowers at night?
Our standard delivery interval for a courier service equals to 1 hour. You can order exact time delivery for an additional fee right on the order form. Considering heavy traffic in Kyiv, by exact time delivery company means 20-minute interval. We do our best to be on time, every time.
How much does delivery cost?
When ordering up to 1000 UAH, the cost of delivery equals to 120 UAH in Kyiv and 240 UAH if your order is delivered within 15 km zone outside of the city. If your order price exceeds 1000 UAH, delivery in Kyiv is free of charge. Shipping price may also change during holiday time.
What is I do not know delivery address?
Yes, we can contact your addressee and negotiate the best time and location to deliver your bouquet or present. We can also make a surprise or leave your name is secret if you want us to do so. Just leave a comment when making an order.
Can I pick up flowers myself in your store?
Yes, you just need to select ’In-store pickup’ option and specify time and date your bouquet to be ready when making an order on the website. We are waiting for you in Kyiv at 40h Hlybochytska St.
In what cases can the product be replaced?
If the flowers that you get look spoiled, stale, partially wilted or the bouquet is significantly different from what you have seen on the picture, you can request for a product replacement or money refund. In order to get your order replaced or a money refund, you need to take a photo of the product and send an email to , describing the problem. We only accept complaints and refund claims within 24 hours after the product has been delivered to recipient.
Can I refuse to receive the goods?
If the flowers look spoiled, stale, partially wilted or the bouquet is significantly different from what you have seen on the picture, you may refuse to accept the order during delivery. In this unlikely case, the courier will inform our manager about your refusal on his own. We may also contact you to clarify the details and negotiate order replacement or money refund.
How long does it take to process a refund?
We will process money refund within 3 business days in case your request complies with the terms and conditions available on this website.