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Baskets of flowers for a real holiday

Today, buying a bouquet that fits into any budget is not a problem as more and more flower shops are selling inexpensive beautiful flowers. Florists make up both simple and exclusive luxury bouquets for a celebration or event just for no reason. To make the present unique and unforgettable, it is better to buy flower basket in Kyiv. Such a wonderful surprise gift cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Romantic and Convenient

Basket of flower Ukraine has been popular for a long time. But if earlier these were mostly baskets with roses, gypsophila and orchids sprawling which present beauty with creating volume by a small number of flowers, now this trend is experiencing a rebirth. The flower basket Kyiv becomes more natural and interesting.

Flower basket delivery Kiev is, above all, convenient. Firstly, you do not need to look for a vase suitable for the bouquet and adjust the bouquet to it. And if you don't have a vase, you don't need to put it in buckets, 5-liter plastic bottles, cans, or the bathroom, which are the most popular alternatives to flower vases.

It’s in the Water

When we talk about bouquets in baskets, the flowers are in the water and have already been cut. You do not need to look for a pruner or a very sharp knife and cut the bouquet yourself. When receiving a bouquet without water, such actions are mandatory, even though they can be perceived as not pleasant by many people. Agree, not every house has a pruner, and a sharp knife is difficult to use. People in this case often use blunt scissors to destroy the flower stems. After such an adequate procedure flowers huddle, drink worse and wither quickly.

You need to water the flower basket Kyiv every day. If the room is hot, then you can even do it twice a day. Water for irrigation must be clean, it can be purified filtered water or settled from the tap. In such cases, water must be settled for at least 2 hours. The water should be at room temperature – hot water speeds up the blooming of the buds. However, this technique is very useful when you need to turn closed buds into open ones in the shortest possible time. Cold water, on the contrary, will slow down the opening of buds and can be uncomfortable for a bouquet.

Please make sure that you water not a basket, but an oasis. To get to it, you need either a watering can with a thin neck, or a narrow bottle, or a kettle with a narrow spout. Try not to flood the oasis, remember that this is not a vase, and you need much less water. Nevertheless, even if you suddenly overdo it with water, don't worry. The bottom of the basket of flower Ukraine is lined with polyethylene to prevent your oasis from leaking. You don't need to water the buds themselves but you can wipe the leaves with a wet cloth to keep them fresh and clean.

Stunning Beauty

A bouquet in a basket is always voluminous. Even a small basket will attract many looks. Such bouquets are graceful and undoubtedly unexpected. Trust us, any girl is waiting for a bouquet for her birthday. But, if you send flower basket Kyiv, that will not only satisfy her romantic expectations but also surprise her with a long-living and wide-blooming oasis.