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Height: 40 cm
Product information: blue, white, red, purple
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Product information: branch of cotton
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Product information: сraspedia - 1 pcs
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Height: 65 cm
Product information: white, lilac, blue
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Lagurus natural
Product information: bundle of natural lagurus
Item ID: 0299-0020
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Lagurus white
Product information: bundle of white lagurus
Item ID: 0299-0006
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Lavender dried
Product information: bundle of lavender
Item ID: 0299-0003
345.00 UAH
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Product information: bundle of ledervaren - 5 pcs
Item ID: 0299-0010
750.00 UAH
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Flower Traditions

The tradition of presenting flowers as a gift originates in the mists of time. During the reign of emperors and kings, specially trained court masters collected bouquets for all kinds of celebrations and festivities. Later, wealthy people from aristocratic families could afford to have their own gardeners and florists. During a certain period of time, it was a whole fashion to surround your home with gardens. For example, during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero, flowers were grown especially for the decorating and holding of all kinds of festivities, as it was customary to shower guests with a huge number of petals.

Hand-in-Hand with Humankind

According to the biblical version, the tradition of flower bouquet delivery appeared after Adam and Eve were expelled from heaven. When they lived there, they were surrounded by the beautiful gardens of Eden, but after the expulsion, Eve was very homesick and Adam started his search. Wandering for many days and nights, Adam found a meadow with flowers, which were the same as in Eden, collected a bouquet and presented it to Eve. This beautiful legend explains why women have such a fondness for these plants.

Facing Reality

Today flowers also remain one of the most desired and popular gifts for beloved women, girls, as well as significant others. They are presented with congratulations, as a hint, as an apology, to help express joy and sadness, to convey the feelings of love and separation. Flowers delivery to Kyiv symbolizes tenderness, love and spring-like warmth of genuine appreciation.

Your Secret Messenger

The more popular this or that flower, the more meanings there are behind the aesthetically pleasing facade. If you choose to send flowers to Kiev, be sure, the rose will be a perfect match. This flower has the largest number of all possible meanings. She is without a doubt the most popular and famous symbol of love. The meaning of a red rose in the language of flowers is the declaration of love. However, few people, who buy flower bouquet, know what a bouquet of colorful roses can say. For example, the combination of red and white buds symbolizes unity, pink – sophistication and elegance, and dark red or burgundy will tell your soul mate that she is insanely beautiful. Moreover, from the perspective of the language of flowers, quantity is important. One rose will symbolize modesty, and a lush bouquet of several dozen buds will symbolize generosity and a desire to express oneself.

We Transform Dreams into Reality

The assortment of individual flowers on our website can surprise even the most sophisticated buyer. Have you seen blue and white carnations? Yes, they do exist and, od course, you can buy flower bouquet composed of them to surprise your soulmate! If you are a huge lover of the classics, then do not even doubt, peonies will not let you down. The homeland of these flowers is China. Nevertheless, you can send flowers Ukraine, to cherish your beloved ones from any corner of our planet! Fluffy inflorescences adorned the imperial gardens in 200 BC; only the emperor and his relatives had the right to wear silk clothes with their image. Flowers delivery to Kyiv will provide you with the best peonies that come in the most amazing colors and, trust us, can convey your love letter no worse than the words of human language.