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From minimalistic bouquets to the most daring and unusual floral arrangements. We deliver only fresh flowers from around the world.
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The Mono Bouquet of Ivory Roses
Height: 40 cm
Diameter: 35 cm
Specification: rose
Item ID: 0102-0014
1 815.00 UAH
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Bouquet of Pink Hydrangeas
Height: 50 cm
Width: 50 cm
Specification: hydrangea
Item ID: 0102-0028
2 025.00 UAH
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Original, craft, made on factory, lovely or useful ... yet so beautiful. We have selected presents for almost any occasion. Now it’s time to find yours.
For any reason and without
A birthday is an excellent occasion to congratulate relatives, friends and colleagues. Of course, we all love gifts. However, the true value of any holiday is connected with unforgettable emotions that we get on that day. Just imagine a fresh bouquet of exotic or wild flowers. Isn’t is a brilliant idea to show someone your care and attention? After all, flowers can easily pass your sincere feelings to someone you love or admire. With, even the distance is not an obstacle any more. Just select a bouquet that you like, fill in a short form on the website and we will deliver fresh flowers in Kyiv on the same day. We know for sure that no one will remain indifferent to such a beautiful present.
That very special day in the life of every girl in this world. Yes, this day should be special because she imagined it from the early childhood. It does not matter if it`s a huge and fancy party or a cozy family dinner. Whatever the day, the bride is the central heroine. Wedding bouquet is an integral part of her image. We are always ready to help you select the ideal bridal bouquet that will convey your character and complement your wedding outfit. Even if you have the most extravagant event organisation idea, we are there to be your trusted partner just before you say ’Yes’.
A date that you wait
A date that you wait
It is practically impossible to imagine a first date without flowers, be it a romantic dinner, movie premier or a night walk. Every man wants to surprise the chosen one, and each girl is pleased to receive a bouquet of flowers. It does not matter if it’s a small rose or a big bunch of tulips. A flower will help her remember that evening again and again. At, we have a secret key to the heart of practically every girl. Before you go out, just dial the number or select bouquet on the website and we will deliver the flowers in Kyiv just to your door. Who knows, may be it will become your small life saver :)
More than just a sorry
More than just a sorry
Sometimes all of us say too much or do things that we regret about. On that moment when a simple ’Sorry’ is just not enough, a fresh and lovely bouquet of flowers will be right on hand. We have done this a lot of times. We know how to help you make the first step and to thaw a frozen heart. Here is the recipe: you buy flowers online, order bouquet delivery to your address, call her number and organize a date. Believe us, it is very difficult to remain indifferent, seeing a beautiful bouquet in your hands. All girls at will confirm that. Just do it today before it’s too late.