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Free bouquet for you
Control at all stages of growth
Nutrient soil
The perfect balance of air permeance, moisture capacity and acidity of substrates for the most demanding species.
Sufficient lighting
Optimum duration and light intensity for healthy flower growth.
Well-balanced watering
Continuous maintenance of sufficient soil moisture considering specific nature of each plant.
We offer flowers from the best greenhouses of Colombia, Ecuador, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and other countries.
Proper packaging
We start preparing your bouquet several hours prior to delivery time as we want to make sure that your flowers live even longer. During this process we control flower compatibility and our bouquets are always arranged from the plants that match each other. Only the best professional packaging, such as anchor tape, floral foam and other materials that do not injure plants and do not emit harmful substances are used by us.
Fresh-cut flowers
Dried cold storage during delivery
Flower compatibility compliance
High quality refrigeration equipment
Bloom TM Guarantee
Selection of the most fresh flowers
Moisture resistant packaging
Order preparation just before delivery
After sales service
When our flowers reach the addressee, we have made sure that they receive proper care that even an amateur can handle. We attach a small special bag with vitamins and minerals necessary for the plant to each bouquet. Just dissolve the substance in the water and easily extend the life of your gift. You can also contact customer support at to get even more care details.