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Extra big bouquets

A big bouquet of flowers is always bound to stand out even among the blooming field. It attracts eyes and fascinates hearts. Undoubtedly, many girls dream of getting one of them. After all, only such a bouquet can tell about your feelings more eloquently than any language of flowers.

Bouquet as big as your heart

There is no need to rack your brains over deciphering the message, for example, a big red roses bouquet is simple in meaning. Large bouquets have always existed, and the largest of them in history consisted of 13,777 flowers. The guy was so in love with his chosen one that he spent about $ 2 million on the bouquet. As you can see, there is no limit to perfection! Most often, the choice of flowers for a large bouquet stops at roses. Indeed, this delicate and majestic flower is able to conquer a lady of any age. In addition, if the bouquet consists of 51 or 101 roses, attention of everyone will be focused on such a gift. You can rest assured that big flowers bouquet Kiev is flawless in combination of any flowers. And the shining eyes of the owner of such a bouquet will be able to outshine the brightest star!

Big bouquet – big responsibility?

Taking care of a big red roses bouquet is not difficult. Since this is a mono bouquet, it means that the nutrients for these flowers’ vitality will be matched by our employees perfectly. We took care of everything, and any big flowers bouquet Kiev comes with a special sachet, which just needs to be added to the water for the flowers to delight you for longer! Optionally, you can also slightly trim the flowers diagonally, so the roses will get as much nutrients and oxygen as possible. Since we are professionals in the big bouquet delivery Kyiv, you can be sure that the order will look exactly the same as in the picture. After all, flowers are stored in accordance to the requirements for each plant type, and are included in the bouquet only on the delivery day. We value quality, because your emotions depend on it. And they are above all else!

Bloom cares for your big feelings

We would not be flower workshop Bloom if we had not created several non-trivial options for big bouquet delivery Kyiv. Our masters have selected flowers, a special ensemble of which can leave even the greatest skeptics speechless. Incredible orchids, anemones, hydrangeas, peonies and many other flowers in one bouquet create wow!-effect and leave skilled florists in awe. In case you send big flower bouquet Ukraine and you want to be certain of your success, do not hesitate to embrace the extravaganza of such a special bouquet. Our courier will deliver this masterpiece into the hands of the recipient, whose gratitude will be unlimited.

A large bouquet of flowers is able to express all those feelings that do not fit inside. It will be especially touching if the relationship is at a distance. He will prove that feelings do not fade away, but rather flare up only stronger and you want to meet your beloved as soon as possible.