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Dried flowers

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Dried and wildflowers

Compositions of dried flowers are meant to open a wonderful new world for you. Indeed, since ancient times, people have dried flowers, collected them in herbarium, make decorations, but right now this trend in the art of creating bouquets is gaining popularity. One of the most important reasons to fall in love with dried flowers delivery Kiev is the possibility of unlimited creativity. The variety of types, palettes and textures of dried flowers allows our florists to embody any wild idea.

Such dried flowers compositions do not need a reason. Bouquet of dried flowers wants to be viewed, it is pleasant to admire them. They are the epitome of attention to detail and perfection of form. Agree, it is especially symbolic that such bouquets do not fade, because they never cease to remind you of you, of special moments and events.

Prolonging Summer

Back in the middle of the 19th century, a new fashionable hobby appeared in France; people who considered themselves stylish turned to decorating rooms and creating elements of interior with bouquet of dried flowers. It was from then and there that the fashion for dried flowers began. All this natural material seems to have been created by nature specifically so that we can enjoy the atmosphere of blooming summer even during cold winter evenings. Moreover, it is easier to buy dried flowers Kyiv now than to choose what to order for dinner!

Secrets of Keeping

For the manufacture of dried flowers, no complex special devices and technologies are required. But it is worth remembering the further conditions for the preservation of dried flowers compositions. They do not tolerate bright sunlight and high humidity. Such conditions lead to burning and browning of leaves; flowers can also inflorescence if used for a long time. Be sure that the dried flowers delivery Kiev will tell you a couple more secrets on how to keep your bouquet for a long time!

Blooming Days with Bloom

If you want to buy dried flowers Kyiv, be sure to look at our bouquets. From simple cotton twigs, to incredible combinations of several types of flowers — all this can be an interesting gift for your loved ones. We are just delighted with the work done and are incredibly proud of the result. One gets the feeling that these bouquets have left the paintings of the Renaissance, right to the dried flowers delivery Kiev.

Recently, bouquets of dried flowers have become a particularly popular option for bridal bouquets. This is not surprising, because such composition is able to stand for years, recalling a special day. Such an interesting option allow you to create a convenient composition of any size, which you can choose and joyfully fulfill your dream to buy dried flowers in Kyiv.