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Want to send flowers to Kyiv?

The work of florists is quite a tedious but a very interesting art form which involves the creation of a unique composition of flowers and plants. As in any form of art, floristry has its own innovations and fashion trends. One of such trends is lush bouquets of flowers packed in boxes. These are usually pretty hat boxes with a bouquet of flowers beautifully arranged in them.

An aesthetic duet

As a gift, flowers are presented right in the box. In addition to beauty, this is also a pretty practical solution. Unlike flowers that need to be placed in a vase, winter flower arrangements in a beautiful box remain as they are. And the box is an integral attribute of the bouquet, which is no less important than the flowers themselves. In finished form, flowers in a box, look very impressive, and are much superior in aesthetic appearance of the same flowers presented in a classic form. Since in a beautiful box that complements the bouquet, they look much more expensive and aesthetically pleasing.

Life in the box

Flower arrangements in baskets have always been a popular gift for birthdays, wedding ceremonies and any significant events. The basket looks presentable and expensive, moreover, it retains its freshness longer than a regular bouquet. The basket can be watered like a houseplant, thereby prolonging the life of the bouquet. The secret of the freshness of the flowers in the basket lies in the floral sponge, which is used to make bouquets. This is a very soft free-flowing sponge that retains moisture well and allows plant stems to be easily fixed in it. Some plants themselves last longer than others, so you can gradually remove wilted species and adjust the density of the bouquet by yourself.

Countless advantages

If we talk about other equally important advantages of such beautiful flower arrangements, it is worth mentioning several other facts. First, it's a great delivery option. After all, the fixed flowers survive the transportation within the Kyiv traffic much better! Thus, if you want to order flower arrangement delivery Kyiv, we are always here to help you. In addition, these flowers are continuously moisturized during delivery, which means that their appearance will remain the same as the flowers sent from the hands of our masters.

The second important aspect is that such a bouquet is a universal option. A bouquet in a box can be either a complete gift or an addition to something. Have you checked our wedding flower arrangements? Be sure, our masters create such beauty that even one such composition can outshine almost any gift! For example, our peony flower arrangements ideas are able to convey the freshness and sophistication of an aesthetically composed bouquet even in the photo. Do not hesitate, these flowers will reach the recipient directly as if taken right out of the picture!

Think out of the box

Our vintage flower arrangements are second to none. Just look at the variety of shapes and the amount of detail we offer – there is definitely an option for any kind of request! In our boxes you can find such flowers as roses, peonies, eustomas, hydrangeas, orchids, eucalyptus and other buds that can appeal to you even more. And guess what? Flower arrangement send to Kiev is not as hard as solve Rubik`s cube anymore! Our flower workshop Bloom is created to embody your craziest ideas in the most perfect way possible and with wide smiles on our faces.